Women in Science Symposium – 2nd Erlangen Symposium

Datum: 18. Juni 2023 – 20. Juni 2023Ort: C1 - lecture hall of Chemikum

The Women in Science Symposium - 2nd Erlangen Symposium aims at celebrating the scientific achievements of women and providing a platform for women in order to share their experiences and perspectives in science.

Women have unfortunately faced numerous challenges in science, including discrimination, under-representation or lack of support. However, despite these challenges, they have made groundbreaking contributions to science throughout history and we believe that it is crucial to acknowledge and celebrate these achievements.

Our symposium will host invited speakers who will share their research accomplishments as well as their experiences as a woman in science. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in networking and discussions on topics such as gender bias, career advancement, and work-life balance besides science.

Although our main focus is women in science, the symposium is open to everyone regardless of gender or status and no registration fee is required for participation. Therefore, this event will be a great opportunity to inspire and empower all young scientists.

This initiative would not be possible without the funding, boost and support from the DFG through SFB-953.

Registration and further information: https://www.w4w.nat.fau.eu/
Contact: dcp-womeninscience@fau.de

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18. Juni 2023 – 20. Juni 2023

C1 - lecture hall of Chemikum