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János Ladik

Prof. Dr. János Ladik


Prof. em. Dr. techn. Dr. math. h.c. Dr. rer. nat. h.c. János Ladik

Organizational activities

Member of the Council of the University for a 5 year period. Director (once) and Codirector (twice) of NATO Advance Study Institutes (ASI-s) on different aspects of the quantum theory of polymers. Member of Organizing Comittess of two further NATO ASI-s. Coorganizer of International Quantum Chemistry School (Hungary, 1967). Coorganizer of several International Sympozia and Workshops (New York 1969,1983; Namur (Belgium) 1978; Codirector of Cecam Workshop in Paris 1980 and 1981; Nuremberg, 1984). Coorganizer of the First , Second and Third Congresses of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics (ISTCP) (Girona, Spain June 27 – July 3, 1993, New Orleans, USA April 9-13, 1996 and Mexico City November 8-13, 1999). Founder and First President of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics 1990-2000.

Research interests

  • Electronic structure of molecules and polymers.
  • Development of methods: HF theory of solids and polymers. Electron correlation in molecules and polymers.
  • Treatment of disorder in polymers.
  • The effect of magnetic and electric field on polymers (non-linear optical properties).
  • High Tc superconductivity.
  • Theory of solitons in different polymers.
  • Carcinogenesis.
  • Theory of surface states.
  • Relativistic many electron theory.